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Black Friday

I want to go on record and say, “I HATE BLACK FRIDAY!”  I know some of you black friday shoppers are booing me right now, but hear me out.

There we are, all gathered for a wonderful Thanksgiving feast. Three of my four daughters are there and I am in heaven, surrounded by my girls and friends. Dinner was great and now it is time for games. My 23-year-old daughter says, “Sorry mom, I have to leave.” What? No, I haven’t seen her in quite a while and I don’t even get to spend the day with her? Isn’t Thanksgiving all about remembering what we are thankful for and spending quality AND quantity time with family?

Nope, she had to leave because she had to open the store where she works at 5 AM. for the Black Friday Sale. Then other friends had to leave because Wal-mart starts their sale at 10 PM.

I must say, this really put a damper on my Thanksgiving!

Now the Christmas season is upon us and that leaves many of us merchants in a dilemma. How do we market our products without making the greatest season of the year all about ‘commercialism’?

I mean really! The Christmas marketing is now starting around Halloween.

I don’t want to take away the meaning of Christmas but I also must sell in order to pay my bills.  I really don’t know the answer, but my husband and I have decided we will NOT do any holiday marketing until December 1st.

I would be very interested to hear what some of you do to do your part in keeping the ‘commercialism’ out of your business. I am willing to reward you for your comments.

Anyone who leaves a comment on how they avoid commercialism will receive a discount code that will be good for 15% off non-featured items at Ye Olde Lantern Shoppe.

Have a very Merry Christmas


Hi everyone, sorry I have been neglecting my blog. I see it has been almost a year. How bad is that?

Signal lanterns

There is a lot going on with our little lantern shoppe. It started a few months ago with all of the storms and such. People were buying up lanterns like crazy due to the power outages or to just to be prepared. At the same time, China (where the Dietz factory is) was hit with storms and the factory shut down. It is not expected to re-start production until after the first of the year. Put all of this together and you get a lantern shortage. My supplier cut off all of the wholesale accounts.

I was left scrambling. How can I have a lantern shop with no lanterns? Do I shut down the site? I do still have the beautiful Kosmos lamps but it is called Ye Olde Lantern Shoppe.  So I started networking. If I couldn’t find any lanterns then I would have to close my site.

Well the site is still up. You know what that means? Yup, I found some lanterns. Ye Olde Lantern Shoppe now has nautical and mining lanterns and lamps.

These are great because my husband is a sailor. No I don’t mean he is in the Navy, although he was, but that he loves to sail. He grew up sailing on Lake Erie. So he was able to give me his ‘expert’ opinion. He is also very knowledge about the authenticity of many items, especially anything nautical and any kind of weaponry. Long story short, he gave his approval. So we are now carrying them in our little shop. If you get a chance, check them out.

I love many of these new lanterns and lamps but I can’t wait to get the hurricane lamps back.

Until next time.

Don’t stay in the dark, come into the light 🙂

Clipper ship lantern


Great Kerosene Lamps blog

Check out this information on Kerosene lanterns. Chapter two has some detailed maintenance tips.

Kerosene Lamps for Beginners; chapter one.

I would like to know what you use your oil lantern or lamp for. Does it sit on your mantle or in your barn? Do you use them regularly? Are they strictly for emergencies? Let me know how you use yours.

Check this out! This is our product of the month.

I have been looking for reviews for you guys. If you have any, please post them.

Until then…

Time Management

Hello everyone,

Well as you can see, I have been absent for a few days. Things have been a little crazy in my world. I had a sick kid at home and  this week my husband is working in the evening.  So someone was in the house milling about from morning till night. This makes it hard for me to get some things done.

Although I have worked from home before, I seem to have forgotten the ‘golden rule’ – organization and planning. I was reminded when I read this post from another blogger. There is some good information in the post.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many good tips out there. Just do a search on time management and see what comes up. But this one caught my eye. It made me say, “oh yeah, I forgot about that.”

Motivation is also an issue. When you have something to do that you are not looking forward to, it is easy to find other things that are a bit more important. Check out this post for some great idea to keep your workspace ‘work ready’ and keep you motivated.

So check out these posts and let me know what you think. Oh yeah, don’t forget to vote on a business card design.

Until then

I Need Your Help

I need your help. John and I are trying to decide on a design for our business cards. We can’t seem to make up or minds. Both designs have pros and cons. So I figured I would put it to a vote.

Please check out the two designs and let me know what you think. Any vote will be helpful but if you could tell me why you like or dislike a particular design, I would appreciate it.

Ok, here they are: DesiYe Olde Lantern Shoppegn #1                                         


This is similar to some brochures we have done up to put around town.

Ye Olde Lantern Shoppe



Design #2

This design uses the  avatar I have created for different forums.

Thanks for your help.

Product of the Month

So we decided that we wanted to ‘feature’ a product every month as part of our marketing strategy. I learned how to add the Featured product page and add it to my builder. Then came the decision…Which product did we want to do?

For me it was a little easier for the month of December. The Dietz Millennium Cooker Lantern is just cool. My family loves to camp. We are not fair-weather campers either. If we have set the time aside to go camping, we camp. Come rain, snow or high winds, you will find us snuggled down in our tents or bundled up by the fire. So there we are with the rain and wind trying to keep the flame high enough on our camping stove to heat up something to eat.

Generally, hunger will demand we move the cooking to the campfire. Don’t get me wrong, there are somethings that just taste better when cooked on a campfire. But soup is NOT one of them. So I was very excited when I found out about the Cooker Lantern. It is so easy and it doesn’t matter how much the wind blows or the rain falls, the flame stays steady. You just pop off the top of the lantern and pop on the grill and there you have it. A wind proof camp stove. How cool is that?

The second reason goes back to my girls. Of our four girls, three of them ‘never’ know what to get their dad for Christmas. What a cool and unique gift for the guy that doesn’t seem to want or need anything.

To be completely honest, we haven’t had the chance to test it out yet. But I am really looking forward to putting it to the test.

So that is why we chose the Dietz Millennium Cooker Lantern for December. Now let me issue a challenge to all you readers. If you have a Cooker Lantern, I would love to hear your experience. Good, bad or indifferent, I want to know what you think.

Until then…

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