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Time Management

Hello everyone,

Well as you can see, I have been absent for a few days. Things have been a little crazy in my world. I had a sick kid at home and  this week my husband is working in the evening.  So someone was in the house milling about from morning till night. This makes it hard for me to get some things done.

Although I have worked from home before, I seem to have forgotten the ‘golden rule’ – organization and planning. I was reminded when I read this post from another blogger. There is some good information in the post.  Don’t get me wrong, there are many good tips out there. Just do a search on time management and see what comes up. But this one caught my eye. It made me say, “oh yeah, I forgot about that.”

Motivation is also an issue. When you have something to do that you are not looking forward to, it is easy to find other things that are a bit more important. Check out this post for some great idea to keep your workspace ‘work ready’ and keep you motivated.

So check out these posts and let me know what you think. Oh yeah, don’t forget to vote on a business card design.

Until then

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