Coming into the Light with lanterns, e-commerce & stuff


My name is Serena Carley. I am married to a wonderful man named John. We have 4 beautiful daughters. We are very excited about our new website and can’t want to get it really active.

John works for the US Postal Service. If you have ever wondered why the phrase “going postal” got so popular, just ask John. He is a firearm enthusiast, really a weapon enthusiast. If you watch a movie with him, he will be happy to tell you if the swords and armor or other weapons are authentic for the period or geographic region. He also enjoys hunting and camping.

Three of our girls are in college. One is just finishing up her student teaching and will be starting her career as an elementary teacher. She loves to read, teach swimming and is an amazing artist. She is also planning a wedding for May.

Our second daughter is also finishing up college and will graduate with a degree in Media Arts/film. She is not quite sure what she will do with it but is looking forward to the next stage of her life.

Our third daughter just started college and is not quite sure what she wants to do yet. The only thing she is sure about is that she wants to visit every Spanish-speaking country in the world. She is also an avid reader and hopes to own a book store someday, like the one on “You’ve Got Mail.”

Our baby is only a junior in high school but she already has her life planned out. She will be attending college back east for Architectural Engineering with a minor in carpentry. She would like to help build in third world countries as well as in the states.

Me, I am just a mom and a wife and I LOVE IT. Most of my time is spent on my family or our church. I serve as a deacon and the treasurer as well as anything else that needs done. Nothing is more important to me then my Lord and my family. I also enjoy hunting and camping. Living in Montana makes it easy to spend time in the mountains and with my family.

I am really excited about my new pet project, our website. So I will be blogging about the website and the joys and frustrations of starting an online-store. My hope is that you will be encouraged and find some useful information; either on the oil lamps and lanterns or on building an e-store. So come with me “into the light.”


Comments on: "About" (2)

  1. Hello to the Carley family from Maine!

    Thanks for the comment on Surviving the Times. Thought you might like to know I added a link to your blog under my blogroll links.

    Dan Soucy

    • Hello Dan from Montana,

      I guess I missed a deadline to move all of my Delicious bookmarks and now I am trying to repopulate it. I can’t seem to find your blog now. Will you send me the link?

      Thanks a bunch.


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