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Lessons Learned

Hello all,

Well we got our first  lantern sale on our website, along with it some lessons learned.

First lesson learned was this: when you move, don’t just change your address on the website of your credit cards. Call them! We recently moved and I did everything like I was supposed to. I changed our address on all the website and put in a change of address card. But when I went to open our merchant account I found that there was a fraud alert on my cards. Needless to say, it has been an experience. Now because of the alert for the next six months my payments have to be held for 7-10 days before they post to my account.

Second lesson: Make sure you check your merchant account. My first customer got an error every time she tried to submit her order. After several phone calls to tech support and to the new customer, it finally went through. WOO HOO

Third lesson: if you are using a merchant account that you have to transfer your money, make sure you do it directly after the sale so it has time to reach your account before you have to pay your supplier.  

Fourth and final lesson: Make sure you double-check your entries into your builder for your costs including any drop ship fees. I knew I had a 10% drop ship fee but only entered my costs.  So when the order was placed and sent to my supplier, the amount I had calculated and the amount I actually owed my supplier for the lanterns, did not match.

Even with all the problems that popped up, I was very excited for our first order.  Not only did it give me a chance to fine tune some things but it WAS AN ORDER.  🙂

Tomorrow we will talk about our selection for product of the month.

Until then…

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