Coming into the Light with lanterns, e-commerce & stuff

Hi everyone, sorry I have been neglecting my blog. I see it has been almost a year. How bad is that?

Signal lanterns

There is a lot going on with our little lantern shoppe. It started a few months ago with all of the storms and such. People were buying up lanterns like crazy due to the power outages or to just to be prepared. At the same time, China (where the Dietz factory is) was hit with storms and the factory shut down. It is not expected to re-start production until after the first of the year. Put all of this together and you get a lantern shortage. My supplier cut off all of the wholesale accounts.

I was left scrambling. How can I have a lantern shop with no lanterns? Do I shut down the site? I do still have the beautiful Kosmos lamps but it is called Ye Olde Lantern Shoppe.  So I started networking. If I couldn’t find any lanterns then I would have to close my site.

Well the site is still up. You know what that means? Yup, I found some lanterns. Ye Olde Lantern Shoppe now has nautical and mining lanterns and lamps.

These are great because my husband is a sailor. No I don’t mean he is in the Navy, although he was, but that he loves to sail. He grew up sailing on Lake Erie. So he was able to give me his ‘expert’ opinion. He is also very knowledge about the authenticity of many items, especially anything nautical and any kind of weaponry. Long story short, he gave his approval. So we are now carrying them in our little shop. If you get a chance, check them out.

I love many of these new lanterns and lamps but I can’t wait to get the hurricane lamps back.

Until next time.

Don’t stay in the dark, come into the light 🙂

Clipper ship lantern



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